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English playwright and director. He collaborated with Howard Brenton on Pravda (1985), a study of media corruption. Hare wrote a 'State of the Nation' trilogy on the British establishment: Racing Demon (1990) on the Church of England; Murmuring Judges (1991) on the legal system; and The Absence of War (1993) on politics. His screenplays include Plenty and Wetherby (both 1985). Other works include Via Dolorosa (1998) and The Blue Room (1999).

Summary Article: Hare, David
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English dramatist and screenwriter. He co-founded the theatre company Joint Stock in 1974. His plays satirize the decadence of post-war Britain, and include Knuckle (1974), Fanshen (1975) on revolutionary Chinese communism, Plenty (1978), and Pravda (1985) (with Howard Brenton) on Fleet Street journalism. He adapted several books into successful screenplays, including Damage (1992), The Hours (2002), and The Reader (2008).

In a trilogy of plays he looks critically at three aspects of UK life: Racing Demon (1990) concerns the Church of England, Murmuring Judges (1991) the legal system, and The Absence of War (1994) the Labour Party. Later plays include My Zinc Bed (2000), The Breath of Life (2002), and The Permanent Way (2004), the story of a political dream turned sour. Other screenplays include Wetherby and Plenty (both 1985), Paris by Night (1988), The Absence of War (1994), and Via Dolorosa (2000).

Born in St Leonards, Sussex, Hare was educated at Lancing College, Sussex, and Jesus College, Cambridge University. After working as literary manager and resident dramatist at the Royal Court Theatre, London, he moved to the Nottingham Playhouse before establishing Joint Stock. He wrote the play and screenplay for The Secret Rapture (1993) and directed The Designated Mourner (1997). He has also adapted Chekhov's Platonov and Ivanov, Schnitzler's La Ronde (The Blue Room), and Brecht's Mother Courage and Her Children for the theatre. He published an autobiography, Writing Left-Handed (1991), and his experiences of acting and writing plays are further explored in a diary, Acting Up: A Diary, published in 1999.

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