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Summary Article: Grove, Andy Steven
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Hungarian-born US computer entrepreneur. Together with Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce, Grove participated in the founding of the microprocessor manufacturing company Intel in 1968. As president from 1979 and as chief executive from 1987, he was responsible for building Intel into the dominant company in its sector. In 1997 he was nominated Time magazine's Man of the Year.

Grove was born in Budapest into a Jewish family. His father was a dairyman, his mother a bookkeeping clerk. When he was four years old he nearly died of scarlet fever which impaired his hearing (he later had reconstructive surgery in the USA). Surviving the Nazi and Soviet occupations of Hungary, he emigrated to the USA and changed his name. He arrived in the USA in 1956 as a refugee from the Soviet invasion of Hungary. He graduated from the City College of New York in 1960 with a degree in chemical engineering, and received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1963. He then joined the research and development laboratory of Fairchild Semiconductor, becoming assistant director in 1967. Dissatisfied with the Fairchild management, he accepted an invitation to join Intel as director of operations in 1968.

Almost from the start, Grove ran Intel on a day-to-day basis, first organizing the office space and manufacturing capacity. He is credited with negotiating the contract with IBM-compatible PCs in 1979 that made Intel's microprocessor the industry standard. Often described as a hard taskmaster, Grove is recognized as much for his management style as his business strategy.

He has lectured and written extensively. His publications include Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Devices (1967), High Output Management (1983), and Only the Paranoid Survive (1996), which is said to be a reflection of his management style. Grove has also written numerous technical papers and holds several patents on semiconductor devices and technology. He has received many awards, including, in 2002, an honorary degree from Harvard University.


Grove, Andy Steven

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