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Summary Article: Goyen, Jan (Josephszoon) van
from Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

(born Jan. 13, 1596, Leiden, Neth.—died April 27, 1656, The Hague) Dutch painter and etcher. He studied in Leiden and Haarlem before settling at The Hague in 1632. Confining himself primarily to the scenery of Holland, he painted on wood panels; intricate detail, low horizons, and subtle atmospheric effects characterize his work. He excelled at capturing the moods of sky and water, Dutch cities, and lowland winter scenes. A prolific draftsman, he also executed many landscape etchings. He had numerous imitators. With Salomon van Ruysdael, he was the outstanding Dutch master of tonal landscape painting in the 17th-century.

Birth Place: Leiden, Netherlands

Death Place: Hague, The, national seat of government, Netherlands

Name: Goyen, Jan (Josephszoon) van or Jan (Josephszoon) van Goyen

Gender: male

Nationality: Dutch

Activity: Dutch painter

Keywords: Hague, The, Netherlands, etching, Goyen, Jan (Josephszoon) van, Jan (Josephszoon) van Goyen, Leiden, printmaking, painting, Dutch, landscape

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