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Summary Article: Goyen, Jan Josephszoon van
from The Columbia Encyclopedia

(yän yō'zӘfsōn vän gō'yӘn), 1596–1656, Dutch landscape painter. He studied at Leiden and Haarlem. In 1631 he settled at The Hague. His typically Dutch landscapes of harbors, canals, riverbanks, and winter scenes with skaters and sleighs are naturalistically painted in a grayish-green tonality. He was one of the first landscape painters to sacrifice minute detail for atmospheric effect and space, and he had a considerable influence on later Dutch landscapists. His paintings are in many collections in Europe and the United States. Famous examples are Panorama of The Hague (The Hague); Banks of a Canal (Louvre); and View of Dordrecht (Rijksmus.). The Metropolitan Museum has five of van Goyen's works, and the Pennsylvania Academy, two.

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