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Arranging gardens for effect. There are two main traditions: the Sino-English, with the apparent informality of nature; and the Franco-Italian, with geometric patterns in which nature is trimmed to art. The second tradition arose in Italy in the Renaissance and is exemplified in André Le Notre's parterres of Versailles. In England, the naturalist style developed in the 18th century, with the work of William Kent, 'Capability' Brown, and Humphrey Repton.

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Perennial border in an English flower garden. Credit:T.A. Fretz—Color Advantage

Laying out and tending of a garden. Though palatial gardens existed in ancient times, small home gardens became prevalent only in the 19th century. Gardening as a pastime grew with the increase in home ownership and leisure time. A well-designed flower garden displays blends and contrasts of colours and forms, and it takes into account the effect of seasonal changes. Essential tasks include soil maintenance, water regulation, control of weeds, and protection of plants from pests and diseases. Though chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are widely used, less-toxic organic supplements and pest controls, predatory insects, and hand-weeding have become increasingly popular.

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