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Definition: gable from The Macquarie Dictionary

the triangular wall enclosed by the two slopes of a roof and a horizontal line across the eaves.

Plural: gables


any architectural feature shaped like a gable.

Plural: gables


verb (t)

/'ge1b7l/ /'gaybuhl/

gabled, gabling

to build with a gable or gables; form as a gable.

gables, gabling, gabled

Etymology: Middle English, probably from Old Norse gafl fork

gabled adjective

Summary Article: gable
From The Chambers Dictionary

(also (Scot) gā'vel) the triangular part of an exterior wall of a building between the top of the side-walls and the slopes on the roof; a gable-shaped structure over a window or door. [The northern form gavel is prob ON gafl; Swed gafvel, Dan gavl; the southern form gable is prob through OFr gable, from ON gafl ]

■ gā'bled

■ gā'blet

(dimin) a small gable over a niche, buttress, tabernacle, etc.

❑ gable end

the end wall of a building on the side where there is a gable.

❑ gable window

a window in a gable end; a window with its upper part shaped like a gable.

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