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Definition: Frey from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

In Scandinavian mythology, the god of peace and fruitfulness, son of Njord and brother of Freya. Frey was one of the Vanir, the family of fertility gods, as opposed to Odin, and the Aesir, the war gods. He was especially worshipped at Uppsala in Sweden.

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Norse god of peace, fertility, rain, and sun, one of a group of fertility deities called Vanir. The son of Njörd and brother of Freyja, he was especially venerated in pre-Christian Sweden, where he was considered the progenitor of the royal line. The best-known story about him told of his love and lust for the giantess Gerd, who was wooed and won for him by his servant. His worship was believed to bring good weather and great wealth.

Event: Freyr

Significance: myth, Germanic religion and mythology, Aesir (Scandinavian mythology)

Keywords: myth, husband, Aesir, Freyr, Njǫrd, Gerd, Germanic religion and mythology, son, Freyja, brother

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