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Definition: flying buttress from The Macquarie Dictionary

a segmental arch which carries the thrust of a wall over a space to a solid pier buttress.

Plural: flying buttresses

Summary Article: flying buttress
from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

In Gothic architecture, a stone buttress in the form of an arched prop, supported at one end by the main wall of a building and at the other end by a pier, in order to resist a lateral thrust. A pinnacle on the top of the pier increases its stability.

See also buttress.

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(1669) : a masonry structure that typically consists of a straight inclined bar carried on an arch and a solid pier or buttress against which it a

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n 1 a buttress supporting a wall or other structure by an arch or part of an arch that transmits the thrust outwards and downwards Also called: arc

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An exterior arched prop designed to resist lateral thrust in a building (e.g. the tendency of a vault to push the walls outward). ( Gothic...

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