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Definition: fluid mechanics from Philip's Encyclopedia

Study of the behaviour of liquids and gases. Fluid statics is the study of fluids at rest and includes the study of pressure, density and the principles of Pascal and Archimedes. Fluid dynamics is the study of moving fluids and includes the study of streamline flow, Bernoulli's law (used to measure a fluid's velocity) and the propagation of waves. Engineers use fluid mechanics in the design of bridges, dams and ships. Aerodynamics, the study of the motion of gases, and hydrodynamics, the study of the motion of liquids, are branches of fluid mechanics.

Summary Article: fluid mechanics
From The Columbia Encyclopedia

branch of mechanics dealing with the properties and behavior of fluids, i.e., liquids and gases. Because of their ability to flow, liquids and gases have many properties in common not shared by solids. The special study of fluids in motion, or fluid dynamics, makes up the larger part of fluid mechanics. Branches of fluid dynamics include hydrodynamics (study of liquids in motion) and aerodynamics (study of gases in motion). Hydrodynamics is often used synonymously with fluid dynamics, since most of the results from the study of liquids also apply to gases. A plasma is also a fluid (see states of matter) and can be described by many of the principles of fluid mechanics, but its electromagnetic properties must also be taken into account. The study of plasmas in motion is known as magnetohydrodynamics and includes principles from several fields.

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The study of the mechanical and flow properties of liquids and gases. See also hydrostatics . ...

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[engineering] Branch of mechanics dealing with the properties and behavior of fluids, namely, liquids and gasses. Because of their ability to...

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1. a branch of fluid mechanics that deals with liquids and gases in motion, encompassing various subdisciplines such as aerodynamics, hydrodynami

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