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Definition: FTP from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

In computing, rules for transferring files between computers on the Internet. The use of FTP avoids incompatibility between individual computers. To use FTP over the Internet, a user must have an Internet connection, an FTP client or World Wide Web browser, and an account on the system holding the files. Many commercial and non-commercial systems allow anonymous FTP either to distribute new versions of software products or as a public service.

Summary Article: File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
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FTP is an application protocol, based on the TCP/IP suite, which specifies the rules for transferring data files from one computer to another. FTP uses the client/server model of communication in which a computer user (a client) requests and is provided a service by another computer (a server). For example a hotelier is using FTP to upload (send) his Web pages to an Internet Web server. FTP operates among heterogeneous systems and allows users to interact with a remote server without regard for the operating systems in place.

Basic file transfer support is usually provided as part of a suite of programs that come with TCP/IP. However, several programs with a graphical interface have been developed and are available to the users. The FTP acronym is also used to indicate application programs based on the FTP protocol.

FTP is an authenticated protocol: the user connection to a server requires a user identification and a password; the term anonymous FTP represents a way to transfer files by logging in to an FTP server on the Internet as a public guest. Using anonymous as user identification and own e-mail address as password, a customer can connect to a hotel server and exchange files.

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