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Definition: Falwell, Jerry from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

US Protestant evangelist. After founding a Baptist church, he launched an extremely popular television programme, The Old-Time Gospel Hour, and established Liberty Baptist College (now Liberty University), in Lynchburg, Virginia, in 1971. His Moral Majority (1979–89) became a political force for advancing the social agenda of the religious right.

Born in Lynchburg, Virginia, he studied engineering, then turned to religious studies after a conversion. In 1990, he withdrew from the more public and political sphere to concentrate on his preaching. He wrote Listen, America! (1980) and Wisdom for Living (1984).

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(born 1933, Lynchburg, Va., U.S.—died May 15, 2007, Lynchburg) Protestant evangelist. An engineering student before turning to religion, he founded Thomas Road Baptist Church in 1956 and Lynchburg Baptist College (later Liberty University) in 1971. His Old-Time Gospel Hour television show served as outreach for his church. In 1979 he organized the Moral Majority to encourage his followers to become involved in politics; he withdrew from its leadership in 1990 to return to preaching. A fundamentalist interpreter of the Bible, Falwell was known for his sometimes extreme conservatism.

Birth Place: Lynchburg, Virginia, United States

Death Place: Lynchburg, Virginia, United States

Name: Falwell, Jerry L. or Jerry L. Falwell

Nationality: American

Activity: American minister

Keywords: Virginia, fundamentalism, Christian, Jerry L. Falwell, American, Moral Majority, televangelism, Falwell, Jerry L., Lynchburg

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