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Definition: European Community or European Communities from Collins English Dictionary


1 an economic and political association of European States that came into being in 1967, when the legislative and executive bodies of the European Economic Community merged with those of the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Atomic Energy Community: subsumed into the European Union in 1993. Abbreviation: EC

Summary Article: European Community (EC)
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Historical organization of Western European countries dedicated to closer economic and political cooperation in Europe. In 1952, the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was established to integrate the coal and steel industries primarily of France and West Germany. The success of the ECSC led to the Treaties of Rome (1957) that established the European Economic Community (EEC), and the European Atomic Energy Commission (Euratom). The aim was to create a common economic approach to agriculture, employment, trade and social development, and to give Western Europe more influence in world affairs. Original members included France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. In 1962, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) came into effect. In 1967, the EEC, ECSC, and EURATOM merged to form the European Community (EC). The United Kingdom, Ireland, and Denmark joined in 1973; Greece in 1981; Spain and Portugal in 1986; and Austria, Finland and Sweden in 1995. In 1993, the European Union (EU) superseded the EC.

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