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1 an organization, partly funded by government aid, that looks after ancient monuments and historic buildings in England Official name: The Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England

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Leading conservation organization, responsible for the conservation of historic remains in England. Under the National Heritage Act 1983, its duties are to secure the preservation of ancient monuments and historic buildings; to promote the preservation and enhancement of conservation areas; and to promote the public's enjoyment and understanding of ancient monuments and historic buildings.

Listed buildings With the advice of English Heritage, the government compiles lists of buildings of special architectural or historical interest. It is against the law to demolish, extend, or alter the character of any listed building without prior consent from the local planning authority or the appropriate secretary of state. At the end of 1994 there were 444,508 entries on the lists of historic buildings.

Work English Heritage has embarked upon a programme to evaluate all known archaeological remains in England. This is expected to result in a significant increase in the number of scheduled monuments.

English Heritage manages about 400 properties on behalf of the secretary of state for national heritage, advises him or her on applications for consent to alter or demolish scheduled monuments and listed buildings, and gives grants for the repair of ancient monuments, historic buildings, and buildings in conservation areas in England. Most of the monuments are open to the public. All the properties in the care of English Heritage either belong to the nation or are in its guardianship.

Finance Government funding for English Heritage was £104 million in 1994–95. Membership in 1993–94 was 310,000, and provided an income of £2.9 million; income from visitors was £10.7 million. Grants to help owners preserve and restore listed buildings in 1993–94 totalled £34.4 million. In the same year, £6.2 million was spent on commissions to record and survey archaeological sites and landscapes and on publishing the results of this work.


English Heritage

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