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Definition: Eichmann, (Karl) Adolf from Philip's Encyclopedia

German Nazi, head of the notorious section IV-B-4 of the Reich Central Security Office in World War 2. Eichmann supervised the Nazi policies of deportation, slave labour, and mass murder in the concentration camps that led to the death of c.6 million Jews. In 1945, he escaped to Argentina but was abducted by the Israel secret police in 1960, and tried and executed in Israel.

Summary Article: Eichmann, (Karl) Adolf
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(born March 19, 1906, Solingen, Ger.—died May 31, 1962, Tel Aviv, Israel) German Nazi official. In 1932 he joined the Nazi Party and became a member of Heinrich Himmler’s SS organization. In World War II he organized the identification, assembly, and transportation of Jews to Auschwitz and other death camps. In 1945 he was captured by U.S. troops but escaped and eventually settled in Argentina. In 1960 he was arrested near Buenos Aires and taken to Israel, where he was tried as a war criminal, with huge worldwide publicity, and hanged for his part in the Holocaust.

Birth Place: Solingen, Germany

Death Place: Tel Aviv–Yafo, Israel

Name: Eichmann, Adolf or Adolf Eichmann

Gender: male

Nationality: German

Activity: German military official

Keywords: Germany, Adolf Eichmann, Nazi Party, Holocaust, SS, German, genocide, Tel Aviv–Yafo, Eichmann, Adolf, government, Jew, World War II, Solingen, Israel, war crime, Wannsee Conference, Himmler, Heinrich, capital punishment, anti-Semitism, Final Solution

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