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Definition: Ebbinghaus, Hermann from Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

(born Jan. 24, 1850, Barmen, Rhenish Prussia—died Feb. 26, 1909, Halle, Ger.) German psychologist. He pioneered in experimental methods for measuring rote learning and memory, demonstrating that memory is based on associations. His well-known “forgetting curve” relates forgetting to the passage of time. His major works are Memory (1885) and Principles of Psychology (1902).

Birth Place: Barmen, Germany

Death Place: Halle, Germany

Name: Ebbinghaus, Hermann or Hermann Ebbinghaus

Gender: male

Nationality: German

Activity: German psychologist

Keywords: memory, Germany, experimental psychology, Halle, Ebbinghaus, Hermann, German, Barmen, measurement, rote learning, psychology, Hermann Ebbinghaus

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See extrastriate body area.

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