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Summary Article: E numbers
From The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

The table below gives a selection of food additives authorized by the European Commission (EC). The E written before the number stands for European. E numbers do not have to be displayed on lists of ingredients, and the manufacturers may choose to list additives by their name instead. E numbers cover all categories of additives apart from flavourings. Additives, other than flavourings, that are not approved by the European Commission, but are still used in the UK, are represented by a code number without an E. In the table below the typical use of specific E numbers are given, where known.

Number Name Typical use
E102 tartrazine soft drinks
E104 quinoline yellow
E110 sunset yellow FCF, orange yellow S biscuits
E120 cochineal alcoholic drinks
E122 azorubine, carmoisine jams and preserves
E123 amaranth icing colouring (red)
E124 ponceau 4R, cochineal red A dessert mixes
E127 erythrosine glacé cherries
E129 allura red AC glacé cherries
E131 patent blue V
E132 indigotine, indigo carmine
E133 brilliant blue FCF
E142 green S pastilles
E150 caramel beers, soft drinks, sauces, gravy browning
E151 brilliant black BN, black PN
E160 (b) annatto; bixin; norbixin crisps
E180 lithol rubine BK
E310 propyl gallate vegetable oils; chewing gum
E311 octyl gallate
E312 dodecyl gallate
E320 butylated hydroxynisole (BHA) beef stock cubes; cheese spread
E321 butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) chewing gum
Emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, and gelling agents
E407 carageenan quick-setting jelly mixes; milk shakes
E413 tragacanth salad dressings; processed cheese
E210 benzoic acid
E211 sodium benzoate beer, jam, salad cream, soft drinks, fruit pulp
E212 potassium benzoate fruit-based pie fillings, marinated herring and mackerel
E213 calcium benzoate
E214 ethyl p hydroxy benzoate
E215 sodium ethyl para-hydroxy-benzoate
E218 methyl p hydroxy benzoate
E220 sulphur dioxide
E221 sodium sulphite dried fruit, dehydrated vegetables, fruit juices and syrups, sausages, fruit-based dairy desserts, cider, beer, and wine; also used to prevent browning of peeled potatoes and to condition biscuit doughs
E222 sodium hydrogen sulphite
E223 sodium metabisulphite
E224 potassium metabisulphite
E226 calcium sulphite
E227 calcium hydrogen sulphite
E249 potassium nitrite
E250 sodium nitrite bacon, ham, cured meats, corned beef, and some cheeses
E251 sodium nitrate
E252 potassium nitrate
E450 diphosphates butters, sequestrants, emulsifying salts, stabilizers, texturizers, raising agents
E451 triphosphates bread, processed cheese, canned vegetables



E number

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