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Capital of Delaware state, USA, on the St Jones River. Founded in 1683, it was first laid out in 1717 and has been state capital since 1777. Dover contains fine examples of Georgian architecture. It is a shipping and canning centre for the surrounding agricultural region. It is also the site of Dover Air Force Base. Industries: gelatin food products, synthetic polymers, adhesives, chemicals. Pop. (2000) 32,135.

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Capital of Delaware, USA, located in the central part of the state, on the Dover River, 72 km/45 mi south of Wilmington; seat of Kent County; population (2000 est) 32,100. It is an agricultural trade centre. Industries include synthetic materials, adhesives, latex, resins, chemicals, food products, and space equipment.

Dover was founded on English Quaker William Penn's orders in 1683. It was laid out in 1717 and has been the state capital since 1777.

Dover has 21 entries on the National Register of Historic Places including the Old Statehouse (1792) and the Delaware State Museum. It is the seat of several colleges including Wesley College (1873) and Delaware State College (1891). Dover Air Base has the largest air-cargo terminal for the Military Air Transport Service. Dover is the burial place of the American patriot Caesar Rodney, signatory of the Declaration of Independence.

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