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Summary Article: Dove, Rita
From The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

US poet and novelist. Her poetry and her novels blend the lyrical and personal with the precise and the contemporary. She won the 1987 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for her poetry collection Thomas and Beulah (1986) and became the first black American poet laureate of the Library of Congress, serving 1993–95.

She won a National Book Critics Circle Award for her poetry collection On the Bus with Rosa Parks (1999). Other collections include The Yellow House on the Corner (1980), Museum (1983), Grace Notes (1989), Selected Poems (1993), Mother Love (1995), American Smooth (2004), and Sonata Mulattica (2009).

She was born in Akron, Ohio and became serious about poetry while attending Miami University, Ohio. She studied in Germany, then earned a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Iowa. She also wrote her novels, such as Through the Ivory Gate (1992). Other honours include the 1996 National Humanities Medal and the 2006 Commonwealth Award. She joined the English faculty at the University of Virginia in 1989.

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