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Definition: dingo from Philip's Encyclopedia

Yellowish-brown wild dog found in Australia; it is probably a descendant of early domestic dogs introduced by Native Australians. It feeds mainly on rabbits and other small mammals. Family Canidae; species Canis dingo.

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A wild dog that was introduced to Australia thousands of years ago, considered responsible for the extinction of many large marsupials on the mainland, most notably the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). Dingoes are powerfully built dogs with a short bushy tail and triangular pointed ears that are naturally held erect. Dingoes vary widely in pelage color from ginger to sandy to almost black, and are usually characterized by a pale underside, white feet, and a white tail tip. It is very difficult to determine Dingoes from some of the similar domestic dog breeds and hybrids between them. It occurs throughout the continent, being most abundant in drier areas, and absent only from TAS, although it is being threatened by extensive interbreeding with domestic dogs.

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The dingoes of Australia have been so successful at living in the wild that it has only recently been recognized that they were originally

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Collins English Dictionary

n pl -goes 1 a wild dog, Canis dingo, of Australia, having a yellowish-brown coat and resembling a wolf 2 Austral slang a cheat or coward ▷vb (-go

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