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Summary Article: Crosby, Bing
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Harry Lillis Crosby


US singer and film actor

Born in Tacoma, Washington, he began his career playing the drums while still at school and sang with Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys. He made his feature-film debut in King of Jazz (1930). From the 1930s onwards his distinctive crooning style made him a top attraction on radio, and later on television. He was one of the greatest sellers of records of the 20th century, and his version of "White Christmas" remains the best-selling single of all-time. Consistently among the most popular pre-war film stars, his partnership with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour (1914-96) resulted in a series of Road to… comedies and he won an Academy Award for Going My Way (1944). Later notable films include The Bells of St Mary's (1945), Blue Skies (1946), White Christmas (1954), The Country Girl (1954) and High Society (1956). A keen golfer, he continued to record and perform sell-out concerts until his death on a golf course in Spain.

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