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Summary Article: Cowen, Frederic (Hymen)
from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

English composer and conductor. He was conductor by turns of the London Philharmonic Society, at Liverpool and Manchester.

He studied in London, Leipzig, and Berlin.

WorksStagePauline (1876), Thorgrim, Signa (1893), Harold (1895); operettas and incidental music.

OratoriosThe Deluge (1878), St Ursula, Ruth (1887), The Veil, and others.

CantatasThe Corsair, The Sleeping Beauty, St John's Eve, Ode to the Passions (Collins), John Gilpin (Cowper); cantatas for female voices.

Orchestral Six symphonies (1869–98: no. 3 Scandinavian, no. 4 Welsh, no. 6 Idyllic); four concert overtures, Sinfonietta, Indian Rhapsody and other works for orchestra; concerto and Concertstück for piano and orchestra.

Chamber string quartet (1866), piano trio.

Other jubilee (1897) and coronation (1902) odes; anthems, part songs; many piano pieces; about 300 songs.

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