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Summary Article: CLAPARÈDE, ÉDOUARD (1873–1940)
from Encyclopedia of Disability

Swiss physician and psychologist

Édouard Claparède is a notable personality in the history of psychology and the pedagogical sciences. Born in Geneva, he belonged to a French family that had emigrated after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes and was admitted to the Geneva bourgeoisie in 1724. A physician and psychologist, he is known as the founder, in 1912, of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute and of a school of pedagogical sciences, as the editor of the journal Archives de psychologie, and as president of numerous international psychological congresses. But it is above all his published work that has established his worldwide reputation, translated and reissued numerous times in many different languages (see Further Readings below).

An advocate of experimentation in psychology, functional education, and the application of psychology to pedagogy, he was also a scholar, with liberal, middle-class, and leftist views, who took up many causes, in particular the rights of children, world peace, psychology, and cultural and intellectual exchanges among nations. His ideals and experience are summed up in his last work, a kind of will and testament, Morale et politique, ou, les vacances de la probité (Morality and Politics, or Honesty on Vacation, 1940).

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Further Readings
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  • Henri-Jacques Stiker
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