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Definition: CITRUS from A Dictionary of Entomology

Noun. (Latin, citron = name of tree with lemon-like fruit. PL, Citruses.) Tropical, often thorny, evergreen trees of Genus Citrus endemic to South-east Asia. Citrus typically displays leathery evergreen, unifoliate compound leaves and aromatic fruit rinds; Citrus widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions for juice and edible fruits; fruits include grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange and pomelo.

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Important group of trees and shrubs of the genus Citrus in the rue family. They include grapefruit, kumquat, lemon, lime, orange, tangerine and ugli, and are native to subtropical regions. The stems are usually thorny, the leaves bright green, shiny and pointed. The flowers are usually white, waxy and fragrant. The fruit (hesperidium) is usually ovoid with a thick, aromatic rind. The inside of the fruit is pulpy and juicy and is divided into segments that contain the seeds. Most citrus fruits contain large amounts of vitamin C. Family Rutaceae.


Most fruits belonging to the genus Citrus originated in China and se Asia. The fruits are commercially important throughout the world, and some hybrids have been created to increase the number of varieties available. The orange (1) is probably the most economically important and popular citrus fruit. It is sweet and contains a great amount of vitamin C. The largest producer is Brazil. The grapefruit (2) is less sweet, and has been crossed with the tangerine to produce the sweet, juicy fruit known as the ugli (3). The lemon (4) is one of the few citrus fruits with a sour taste. The world's largest producer of grapefruits and lemons is the United States.

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