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Definition: Troyes, Chrétien de from Philip's Encyclopedia

(active late 12th century) French poet. He was the author of the earliest extant Arthurian romances. Troyes' work includes translations of Ovid and the romances Erec (after 1155), Cligès (c.1176) and the unfinished Perceval (Le Conte du Graal), which contains the earliest known reference to the legend of the Holy Grail. See also Arthur

Summary Article: Chrétien de Troyes
from The Columbia Encyclopedia

or Chrestien de Troyes (both: krātyăN' dӘ trwä), fl. 1170, French poet, author of the first great literary treatments of the Arthurian legend. His narrative romances, composed c.1170–c.1185 in octosyllabic rhymed couplets, include érec et énide; Cligès; Lancelot, le chevalier de la charette; Yvain, le chevalier au lion; and Perceval, le conte del Graal, unfinished (see Parsifal). Chrétien drew on popular legend and history, and imbued his romances with the ideals of chivalry current at the 12th-century court of Marie de Champagne, to which he was attached. His other surviving works include imitations of Ovid and Guillaume d'Angleterre, a non-Arthurian narrative. Translations of the Arthurian romances are included in W. W. Comfort's edition (1913) and in R. S. and L. H. Loomis, Medieval Romances (1957).

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