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Definition: Cartland, (Mary) Barbara (Hamilton) (1901–2000) from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

English romantic novelist. She published her first book, Jigsaw in 1921 and then produced a prolific stream of stories of chastely romantic love, usually in idealized or exotic settings, for a mainly female audience. Her novels include Love Climbs In (1978) and Moments of Love (1981).

At the time of her death, it was calculated that she had written 723 publications. Mostly romantic fiction, these also include several volumes of autobiography, including Reach for the Stars (1994). She was appointed DBE in 1991.


Cartland, (Mary) Barbara (Hamilton)

Summary Article: Cartland, Dame (Mary) Barbara (Hamilton)
from Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

(born July 9, 1901, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Eng.—died May 21, 2000, Hatfield, Hertfordshire) English author. Her first novel, Jigsaw (1925), was a popular success. She wrote two more novels and a play during the 1920s; thereafter her output grew steadily, and by the 1970s she was averaging 23 books a year, all of which she dictated. Her approximately 600 books, mostly formulaic romance novels, have sold more than 600 million copies. Cartland’s nonfiction includes autobiographies and books on health food, vitamins, and beauty. She was the step-grandmother of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Birth Place: Edgbaston, England, United Kingdom

Death Place: Hatfield, England, United Kingdom

Name: Cartland, Dame Barbara or Dame Barbara Cartland

Gender: female

Nationality: British

Activity: British author

Keywords: England, Dame Barbara Cartland, novel, Hatfield, “Jigsaw”, romance novel, British, Cartland, Dame Barbara, English literature, Edgbaston

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