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Summary Article: Busby, Matt(hew) (1909–1994)
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Scottish football player and manager, synonymous with the success of Manchester United both on and off the field. He was best known as manager of Manchester United 1945–1969. His ‘Busby Babes’ won the championship in 1952, 1956, and 1957, before eight members were tragically killed in an air crash in Munich in 1958. Busby's reassembled team reached the 1958 FA Cup final, and won the FA Cup in 1963. Championship wins in1965 and 1967 ensured a further onslaught on European Cup competition, and the team went on to win the European Cup in 1968, the first English side to do so.

United's 4–1 victory over the Portuguese team Benfica in the final at Wembley 1968 contributed to the exuberant mood of Britain in the 1960s. A year later, Busby retired from the managership, but was president of the club 1980–93.

He was born in Orbiston, Lanarkshire. As a player, he was wing half for Manchester City and Liverpool, winning an FA Cup winners' medal 1934 with Manchester City after being a losing finalist the previous season. He gained seven international caps for Scotland during World War II. He was committed to improving Manchester United's stadium and facilities at Old Trafford. When he took over as manager (as a demobbed company sergeant-major) 1945, United had no ground to play on, Old Trafford having been subjected to direct hits from Nazi bombers. His vision was to see United in the best football stadium in the country, and in this too he eventually succeeded.


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