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Summary Article: Brooks, Louise
from Chambers Biographical Dictionary


US actress

Born in Cherryvale, Kansas, she became a member of the Denishawn Dancers troupe in 1922, then moved to New York and joined the cast of, among others, the Ziegfeld Follies (1925-26). She made her film debut in Street of Forgotten Men (1925) and signed a contract with Paramount that led to roles in such comedies as It's The Old Army Game (1926), Just Another Blonde (1927) and Rolled Stockings (1927). She then went to Germany to work for G W Pabst (1885-1967) in Die Büchse von Pandora (1928, Pandora's Box) and Das Tagebüch einer Verlorenen (1929, Diary of a Lost Girl). Brooks returned to Hollywood but was given only supporting roles and retired after playing opposite John Wayne in the B western Overland Stage Raiders (1938). She later ran a dance studio, worked in radio soap opera, and became a writer on film, publishing an autobiography, Lulu in Hollywood, in 1982.

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