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Definition: Black Forest from Philip's Encyclopedia

(Schwarzwald) Mountainous region between the rivers Rhine and Neckar, Baden-Württemburg, SW Germany. It is heavily forested in the higher areas, particularly around the sources of the Danube and the Neckar. The highest peak is Feldberg, 1493m (4898ft). Industries: tourism, timber, mechanical toys, clocks. Area: c.6000sq km (2320sq mi).

Summary Article: Black Forest
From The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

Mountainous region of coniferous forest in Baden-Württemberg, western Germany; length 160 km/100 mi, greatest breadth 57 km/35 mi. Bounded to the west and south by the Rhine, which separates it from the Vosges, it rises to 1,493 m/4,898 ft in the Feldberg. It extends to the Swiss border in the south and to the Neckar valley in the north. Parts of the forest have recently been affected by acid rain. The region is a popular year-round tourist destination, known for its winter sports an mineral springs; lumbering and woodworking are important industries.

The southern part is wild and mountainous, containing the highest peaks: Feldberg, Herzogenhorn (1,402 m/4,600 ft), and Blössling (1,298 m/4,258 ft). It is divided into half by the valley of the Kingzig. The range is covered by dark pine forests and cut by deep valleys and small lakes. Orchards and cattle are found in the valleys; crops are grown in the highlands. The region is famous for clock and toy industries (cuckoo clocks and music boxes). There are many mineral springs in the area, those of Baden-Baden being the best known, and the rivers Danube and Neckar rise in the region. The main cities of the Black Forest, Freiburg, and Offenburg lie along the western border.

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