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English writer and traveller

She was born in Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, and from 1854 visited Canada and the USA, the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), the Rocky Mountains, Yezo, Persia (Iran) and Kurdistan, Tibet, and Korea. She wrote Englishwoman in America (1856) and many other travel books. In 1892 she was elected the first woman Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Summary Article: Bird, Isabella Lucy
from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

British traveller and writer who wrote extensively of her journeys in the USA, Persia, Tibet, Kurdistan, China, Japan, and Korea. A fearless horsewoman, she generally travelled alone and in later life undertook medical missionary work.

Her published works include The Englishwoman in America (1856), A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains (1874), Unbeaten Tracks in Japan (1880), Among the Tibetans (1894), and Pictures from China (1900). She made her last great journey in 1901, when she travelled over 1,600 km/1,000 mi in Morocco.

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