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Summary Article: Bellamy, David James
From Chambers Biographical Dictionary


♦ English botanist, writer and broadcaster

Born in London, he took a doctorate in botany and was senior lecturer in the department of botany at Durham University (1960-80). He has been a visiting professor at Nottingham University since 1987. His television career began with Life in Our Sea in 1970 and he became widely known as a presenter of the popular science series Don't Ask Me (1974-78). His own series have included Bellamy on Botany (1972), Bellamy's Britain (1974), Bellamy's Bugle (1986-88) and Bellamy Rides Again (1991-92). His books include Bellamy's New World (1983), Bellamy's Changing Countryside (4 vols, 1989), Blooming Bellamy (1993) and Conflicts in the Countryside: The New Battle for Britain (2005). An eccentric and active interventionist in environmental campaigns, he was forced to retreat from a poorly argued attack on the theory of man-made global warming in 2004 which resulted in his replacement as figurehead of several environmental and conservation organizations. He was awarded the OBE in 1994, and published two volumes of autobiography in 2002.

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