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Definition: Asgard from The Columbia Encyclopedia

(ăs'gärd), in Norse mythology, home of the gods, also known as Aesir. It consisted of luxurious palaces and halls, in which the gods (whose chief was Odin) dwelled, conferred, and banqueted. One of the most beautiful of these halls was Valhalla. Entrance to Asgard could be gained only by crossing the rainbow bridge Bifrost, which was guarded by Heimdall, the watchman of the gods. See also Germanic religion.

Summary Article: Asgard
from Encyclopedia of Imaginary and Mythical Places

Variations: Ásegard, Asgaard, Ásgard, Ásgardhr, Asgardr, Ásgardr, Ásgarðr (“Enclosure of the Æsir”), Ásgarth, Ásgarth, Ásgarthr, Esageard

In Norse mythology Asgard (“Aser-yard”), one of the NINE WORLDS and located beneath MUSPELHEIM, was the vast city built by Odin and his two brothers after the death of Ymer, it was designed to be well defended against the attacks of the Muspelheim and the Vanir. Asgard was described as being a land more fertile than any other and as equally blessed having a plethora of gold and jewels.

Odin's great hall, GLADSHEIM, was located here as well as the abodes of the twelve principal gods: ALFHEIM was the abode of Freyr, BREIDABLIK was the abode of Baldur, FOLK-VANGUR was the abode of Freya, GLADSHEIM was the abode of Odin, GLITNER was the abode of Forsete, HIMMELBIERG was the abode of Heimdal, LANDVIDE was the abode of Vidar, NOATUN was the abode of Niord, SOE-QUABECK was the abode of Sage, THRUDEIM was the abode of Thor, THRYMHEIM was the abode of Skada, VALASKIALF was the abode of Vale (Vile), and YDALE was the abode of Uller.

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