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Summary Article: Armstrong, Lance (Edward)
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US cyclist. In 2012 he was stripped of his then record seven consecutive Tour de France titles for doping offences, and was banned for life from competitive cycling. His first Tour title was awarded in 1999, just 18 months after returning to competition following a life-threatening battle against cancer. In 2004 he claimed his sixth consecutive Tour to break the record set by Miguel Indurain in 1995. On receiving his seventh Tour title in 2005, he retired from competition, though he returned in 2008 and rode in two more Tours before his final retirement. Armstrong was dogged by allegations of drug use throughout his racing career, but had always maintained his innocence until confessing publicly in 2013, several months after his ban from the sport.

Career highlights

World Professional Road Race Championship 1993

Born in Plano, Texas, he showed early promise as a swimmer and triathlete, although when he left high school he was already a member of the US national cycling squad. He turned professional shortly after competing for the USA in the 1992 Olympic Games. In 1993, his first full season on the professional circuit, he claimed his first stage win in the Tour de France, and became only the second US cyclist after Greg LeMond to be awarded the World Road Race title.

Diagnosed with testicular cancer in October 1996, and given less than a 50% chance of survival, he underwent chemotherapy and several operations before returning to racing early in 1998. In his 1998 comeback season he finished first in four races and in the top five in the Tour of Spain. His autobiography, It's Not About the Bike (2000), detailed his illness and subsequent recovery. He published a further memoir, Every Second Counts: From Recovery to Victory, in 2003. In 1997 he established the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which was later renamed the LIVESTRONG Foundation to distance itself from Armstrong's doping controversy. In 2004 the foundation launched a yellow LIVESTRONG wristband to promote cancer awareness, with an estimated 80 million sold worldwide to date.

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