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Aaron, Hank, 1934-

Baseball Player Born in Mobile, Alabama, on February 5, 1934, Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron first played sandlot ball as a teenager. He later played for a

Adrian Cadbury

English business executive and fourth generation member of the Cadbury family's confectionery company. Cadbury became a director of Cadbury Brothers

Agassi, Andre, 1970-

US tennis player who has won eight Grand Slam tournaments. A flamboyant right-handed player, renowned for his service returns and hard-hitting


Japanese art of self-defence ( Budo or ‘martial way’), one of the martial arts ; it was created by Morihei Ueshiba (1883–1969). Many of the twisting

Open Ali, Muhammad, (1942 - 2016)
Ali, Muhammad, (1942 - 2016)

Born in 1942, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. (named after both his father and the famous Kentucky abolitionist and politician), was one of the most

Open Archery

Use of the bow and arrow, originally in hunting and warfare, now as a competitive sport. The world governing body is the International Archery

Open Armstrong, Lance
Armstrong, Lance

US cyclist. In 2012 he was stripped of his then record seven consecutive Tour de France titles for doping offences, and was banned for life from

Open Ashe, Arthur
Ashe, Arthur

Tennis Player Born on July 10, 1943, in Richmond, Virginia, Arthur Robert Ashe learned the game at the Richmond Racket Club, which had been formed by

Atherton, Mike, 1968-

English cricketer. A right-handed opening batsman from Lancashire, he captained England in a record 54 Tests. His determination as a batsman marked

Open Athletes

The ancient world has left illuminating, albeit incomplete, records of its athletes. Inscriptions, monuments, and texts document who participated and