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Open Adult education
Adult education

The body of knowledge that comprises what is known about how adults learn. In the 1970s, those involved in the education of adults sought to separate

Open Advertising

The rising significance of consumption (or consumer culture) in contemporary societies is often associated with the impact of advertising —the

Open Aliens

in law, any person residing in one political community while owing allegiance to another. A procedure known as naturalization permits aliens to become

Open Americanization

term used to describe the movement during the first quarter of the 20th cent. whereby the immigrant in the United States was induced to assimilate

Art, Modern

art created from the 19th cent. to the mid-20th cent. by artists who veered away from the traditional concepts and techniques of painting, sculpture,

Bands (Music)

in music, a group of musicians playing principally on wind and percussion instruments, usually outdoors. Prior to the 18th cent., the term band was

Open Baseball

Sports historians long ago discredited the legend that a Civil War general by the name of Abner Doubleday invented baseball as a boy in 1839 in rural

Open Batman (Fictitious character)
Batman (Fictitious character)

Comic-strip character created in 1939 by US cartoonist Bob Kane (real name Robert Kahn, 1915–1998) and writer Bill Finger (1914–1974). A crime-busting

Bee Gees

English pop band formed in Brisbane, Australia, in 1958. The Bee Gees' career spanned four decades. Although the band is best known for their much

Open Bengali language
Bengali language

180,000,000 SPEAKERS Bangladesh, India Bengali, the best known of the Eastern INDO-ARYAN LANGUAGES, is the national language of Bangladesh (formerly