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Open Accordion

The accordion is a generic term for different varieties of a handheld, bellows-driven instrument that is central to much solo and ensemble performance

Adorno, Theodor W., 1903-1969

German philosopher; leading figure in the Frankfurt school of critical theory. Born into a wealthy family in Frankfurt am Main, Adorno received his

Albéniz, Isaac, 1860-1909

Spanish pianist-composer. The hopes and needs of his family pressed him into a performing career while he was a young boy, and his training was

Albert, Eugen d', 1864-1932

French-English (later Germanized) composer and pianist, son of C L N d'Albert. He appeared with great success as a pianist, notably performing the

Open Aleatory music
Aleatory music

Term for music whose essential substance is not fully determined. This is quite a wide remit; it would include, for example, concertos and arias

Open Arias

( är'ēӘ ), elaborate and often lengthy solo song with instrumental accompaniment. In the 16th cent. it was a melody improvised over a strophic bass

Open Armstrong, Louis, 1901-1971
Armstrong, Louis, 1901-1971

A towering figure in jazz history, Armstrong—a virtuoso performer, a master of melodic improvisations, daring experiments in tone and pitch, and

Arne, Thomas Augustine, 1710-1778

English composer. He wrote incidental music for the theatre and introduced opera in the Italian manner to the London stage with works such as

Open Art

In the broadest sense, all the processes and products of human skill, imagination, and invention. In contemporary usage, definitions of art usually

Open Arts, Baroque
Arts, Baroque

( bӘrōk' ), in art and architecture, a style developed in Europe, England, and the Americas during the 17th and early 18th cent. The baroque style is