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The Ahmadiyya movement in Islam began as one aspect of the larger revival of Islam that swept through the Muslim world in the 19th century; in the


( bä'bĭzӘm ), system of doctrines proclaimed in Persia in 1844 by Ali Muhammad of Shiraz. Influenced by the Shaykhi Shiite theology that viewed the


( kăl'ĭfāt´´, –fĭt ), the rulership of Islam; caliph( kăl'ĭf´´ ), the spiritual head and temporal ruler of the Islamic state. In principle, Islam is

Dhimmis (Islamic law)

Dhimmi is a legal qualification of Christians and Jews living under Muslim rule in medieval Islam. The contract of “protection” dhimma , under which

Open Eid ul-Fitr
Eid ul-Fitr

Also known as the Feast of Fast-Breaking , or the Lesser Feast , Id al-Fitr marks the end of the month-long fast of RAMADAN and the beginning of a

Open God

Exemplary instances of globalization can be captured through a variety of economic, political, social, and cultural currents. One cultural current in


( ĭmäm' ) [Arab.,=leader], in Islam, a recognized leader or a religious teacher. Among the Sunni the term refers to the leader in the Friday prayer at

Open Islam

Islam is an Arabic word meaning submission, in this context to the will of God (Allah), and denotes the name of the religion that was initiated with

Open Islamic architecture
Islamic architecture

Islamic architecture includes a wide range of religious and secular structures erected by or for Muslim communities, beginning in the early seventh

Open Islamic art
Islamic art

Art and design of the Muslim world, dating from the foundation of the Islamic faith in the 7th century AD . Having developed few artistic traditions