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Alexius I Comnenus, Emperor of the East, 1048-1118

(Alexius Comnenus)( Әlĕk'sēӘs, kӘmnē'nӘs ), 1048–1118, Byzantine emperor (1081–1118). Under the successors of his uncle, Isaac I , the empire had

Open Apologetics

The concept of apologetics comes from the Greek apologia , meaning the act of defending some postulate or belief. Very early in the life of the

Open Apostles

The word apostle , from the Greek apostellō , has etymologically a very general sense of meaning. It can refer to anyone who is sent forth, dispatched

Dhimmis (Islamic law)

Dhimmi is a legal qualification of Christians and Jews living under Muslim rule in medieval Islam. The contract of “protection” dhimma , under which

Open God

Exemplary instances of globalization can be captured through a variety of economic, political, social, and cultural currents. One cultural current in

Open Theodosius I
Theodosius I

The birthplace of Flavius Theodosius, born in 347, is uncertain. The Galician bishop Hydatius (fifth century) mentions Cauca, near Segovia in central