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Open Acupuncture

( ăk'yʊpŭng´´chӘr ), technique of traditional Chinese medicine, in which a number of very fine metal needles are inserted into the skin at specially

Open Aeronautics

Science of travel through the Earth's atmosphere, including aerodynamics, aircraft structures, jet and rocket propulsion, and aerial navigation. It is

Air conditioning

mechanical process for controlling the humidity, temperature, cleanliness, and circulation of air in buildings and rooms. Indoor air is conditioned

Open Aircraft

Any vehicle capable of travelling in the Earth's atmosphere. By far the most common aircraft is the airplane (aeroplane or plane). The airplane is a

Open Aircraft carriers
Aircraft carriers

An aircraft carrier is a ship capable of handling aircraft that take off and land on its deck. In 1909, the French inventor Clement Ader presented the

Open Airplanes

aeroplane, or aircraft, heavier-than-air vehicle, mechanically driven and fitted with fixed wings that support it in flight through the dynamic action


an aircraft that consists of a cigar-shaped gas bag, or envelope, filled with a lighter-than-air gas to provide lift, a propulsion system, a steering

Open Air traffic control
Air traffic control

No mode of public transportation has a greater emphasis on safety than the aviation industry. From manufacturing to maintenance requirements, every

Open Alternative energy
Alternative energy

Although it consists of just 5 percent of the world's human population, the United States consumes the greatest share, 25 percent, of the world's

Open Amphibious warfare
Amphibious warfare

Amphibious warfare involves military operations that are launched from the sea by an amphibious force embarked in ships or craft. The primary purpose