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Open Aalto, Alvar, 1898-1976
Aalto, Alvar, 1898-1976

( ŏl'vär äl'tō ), 1898–1976, Finnish architect and furniture designer. Aalto is considered one of the foremost architects of the 20th cent. Most of

Open Acropolis (Athens, Greece)
Acropolis (Athens, Greece)

Of all Greek acropoleis, the Athenian Acropolis (lit., "high city" or "city on the heights") was culturally and historically (if not geologically) the

Open Adobe brick
Adobe brick

In architecture, a building method employing sun-dried earth bricks; also the individual bricks. The use of earth bricks and the construction of walls

Alberti, Leon Battista, 1404-1472

A Humanist architect, artist, and writer on many subjects (1404-1472); no intellectual of the 15th century showed more enthusiasm for modernity. As a

Algardi, Alessandro, 1598-1654

Italian sculptor, the leading sculptor under Pope Innocent X. He moved to Rome in 1625. During the pontificate of Innocent X, when Bernini was out of

Open Alhambra (Granada, Spain)
Alhambra (Granada, Spain)

[Arab.,=the red], extensive group of buildings on a hill overlooking Granada, Spain. They were built chiefly between 1230 and 1354 and they formed a

Open Altarpieces

A painting (more rarely a sculpture) placed on, behind, or above an altar in a Christian church. Altarpieces vary greatly in size, construction, and

Open Altars

table or platform for the performance of religious sacrifice. In its simplest form the altar is a small pile, with a square or circular surface, made

Open  	Altdorfer, Albrecht, approximately 1480-1538
Altdorfer, Albrecht, approximately 1480-1538

German painter, architect, and printmaker. He was active in Regensburg, Bavaria. He is best known for his vast panoramic battle scenes in which his

Open Ammannati, Bartolomeo, 1511-1592
Ammannati, Bartolomeo, 1511-1592

( bärtōlōmĕ'ō äm-mänä'tē ), 1511–92, Italian sculptor and architect. He studied under Bandinelli in Florence and assisted Jacopo Sansovino in his work