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Open Abraham (Biblical patriarch)
Abraham (Biblical patriarch)

according to the Book of Genesis, Heb.,=father of many nations] or Abram ā'brӘm [Heb.,=exalted father], in the Bible, progenitor of the Hebrews; in

Open Achelous (Greek deity)
Achelous (Greek deity)

In Greek mythology, Achelous was a river god. He was the son of Oceanus and Tethys and the eldest of 3,000 brothers. His union with one of the Muses

Open Achilles (Greek mythology)
Achilles (Greek mythology)

According to Homer's Iliad , Achilles was the Greeks' best fighter in the Trojan War, famed for his strength and courage. The story of Achilles is

Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, Baron, 1834-1902

1834–1902, English historian, b. Naples; grandson of Sir John Francis Edward Acton and of Emmerich Joseph, duc de Dalberg. Denied entrance into

Acts of the Apostles

book of the New Testament. It is the only 1st-century account of the expansion of Christianity in its earliest period. It was written in Greek

Open Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve

The Life of Adam and Eve is an early Jewish or Christian writing about the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise. It is also known under the title

Open Adonis

In Greek mythology, Adonis was the personification of male beauty. Although a mortal by birth, after he was killed he was deified and worshiped as a


In the Christian calendar, which follows the life of Jesus, the period of preparation before his birth on Christmas Day. It begins four Sundays before

Open Aeneas (Legendary character)
Aeneas (Legendary character)

Aeneas was a hero of ancient Greek and Roman mythology. A Trojan prince, he was the son of a mortal, Anchises, and the Greek goddess Aphrodite (the

Open Aesir

The gods; also the main group of gods, as opposed to the vanir. The medieval Icelandic word æsir is a plural; the singular is áss , and a derived