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Abduction (Logic)

Widely understood as inference to the best explanation, abduction may be conceived of even more generously as a form of backwards-chaining reasoning ,

Open Abelard, Peter, 1079-1142
Abelard, Peter, 1079-1142

Abailard, Peter 1079-1142 French philosopher and scholar Peter Abelard was born near Nantes in Brittany, the eldest son of a noble Breton house. He

Open Academic freedom
Academic freedom

right of scholars to pursue research, to teach, and to publish without control or restraint from the institutions that employ them. It is a civil

Open Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803
Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803

(1722–1803), political leader in the American Revolution, signer of the Declaration of Independence, b. Boston, Mass.; second cousin of John Adams. An

Adler, Mortimer Jerome, 1902-2001

Mortimer Adler, professor, philosopher, and educational theorist, was born in New York City in 1902. He left school at age 14 to write for newspapers

Adorno, Theodor W., 1903-1969

German philosopher; leading figure in the Frankfurt school of critical theory. Born into a wealthy family in Frankfurt am Main, Adorno received his

Open Aesthetics

( ĕsthĕt'ĭks ), the branch of philosophy that is concerned with the nature of art and the criteria of artistic judgment. The classical conception of

Open Alchemy

( ăl'kӘmē ), ancient art of obscure origin that sought to transform base metals (e.g., lead) into silver and gold; forerunner of the science of

Open Alembert, Jean Le Rond d', 1717-1783
Alembert, Jean Le Rond d', 1717-1783

French mathematician, encyclopedist, and theoretical physicist. In association with Denis Diderot , he helped plan the great Encyclopédie , for which

Alexander, Samuel, 1859-1938

Influenced by the Darwinian movement of the late 19th century, the philosopher Samuel Alexander developed a dynamic worldview that focused on time and