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Open Arithmetic mean
Arithmetic mean

The mean is a parameter that measures the central location of the distribution of a random variable and is an important statistic that is widely

Big data

MaryAnne Gobble writes that the definition of big data is multifaceted, ambiguous, and dynamic, suggesting the term has different meanings between

Open Box plot
Box plot

A box-and-whisker plot, or box plot, is a tool used to visually display the range, distribution symmetry, and central tendency of a distribution in

Open Census

The term census usually refers to the complete process of preparation, collection, compilation, evaluation, analysis, and dissemination of data on

Central place theory

Central place theory, developed by the German geographer Walter Christaller as his doctoral dissertation, Central Places in Southern Germany in 1933,

Open Central tendency
Central tendency

Measures of central tendency are measures of the location of the center or middle of a distribution. However, the definition of “center” or “middle”


term referring to maps prepared for marine navigation and for air navigation. All charts show, in some convenient scale , geographic features useful

Open Conditional probability
Conditional probability

Conditional probability is a mathematical description of the likelihood that a particular event will take place given the occurrence of a particular

Cost benefit analysis

Cost-benefit analysis is an analytical decision support tool for defining and comparing costs and benefits. Cost-benefit analysis shapes a framework

Data mining

Modern researchers in various fields are confronted by an unprecedented wealth and complexity of data. However, the results available to these