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Open Accents and accentuation
Accents and accentuation

in speech, emphasis given a particular sound, called prosodic systems in linguistics. There are three basic accentual methods: stress, tone, and


Adverbs modify other parts of speech and answer questions such as how? (adverbs of manner): • quietly • greedily ; when? (adverbs of time): • then •

Open Afrikaans language
Afrikaans language

( ăf´´rӘkäns' ), member of the West Germanic group of the Germanic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Germanic languages ).

Open Afroasiatic languages
Afroasiatic languages

1 Introduction The approximately 250 Afroasiatic languages, spoken by about 340 million ethnically and racially different people, occupy today the

Open Akkadian language
Akkadian language

Akkadian refers to the East Semitic language spoken and written in Mesopotamia from about 2400 bce to the Christian era (Huehnergard and Woods 2004 .

Open Albanian language
Albanian language

5,000,000 SPEAKERS Albania, Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece Albanian forms a separate branch of the INDO-EUROPEAN LANGUAGES , quite distinct in its

Open Alphabet

Set of conventional symbols used for writing, based on a correlation between individual symbols and spoken sounds, so called from alpha (α) and beta

Open Amharic language
Amharic language

14,000,000 SPEAKERS Ethiopia About two thousand years ago a gathering, habashat , of speakers of an early Arabic or South Arabian dialect crossed the

Anatolian languages

( ăn´´Әtō'lēӘn ), subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see The Indo-European Family of Languages , table); the term "Anatolian

Open Aphasia

Everyone with the diagnosis of aphasia has an acquired language disorder, but the type of language disorder (problems understanding talking, problems