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Open Accents and accentuation
Accents and accentuation

in speech, emphasis given a particular sound, called prosodic systems in linguistics. There are three basic accentual methods: stress, tone, and

Open Afrikaans language
Afrikaans language

( ăf´´rӘkäns' ), member of the West Germanic group of the Germanic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Germanic languages ).

Open Afroasiatic languages
Afroasiatic languages

1 Introduction The approximately 250 Afroasiatic languages, spoken by about 340 million ethnically and racially different people, occupy today the

Open Albanian language
Albanian language

5,000,000 SPEAKERS Albania, Yugoslavia, Italy, Greece Albanian forms a separate branch of the INDO-EUROPEAN LANGUAGES , quite distinct in its

Open Amharic language
Amharic language

14,000,000 SPEAKERS Ethiopia About two thousand years ago a gathering, habashat , of speakers of an early Arabic or South Arabian dialect crossed the

Arabic language

Major Semitic language of the Hamito-Semitic family of West Asia and North Africa, originating among the Arabs of the Arabian peninsula. It is spoken

Open Aramaic language
Aramaic language

( ârӘmā'ĭk ), language belonging to the West Semitic subdivision of the Semitic subfamily of the Afroasiatic family of languages (see Afroasiatic

Armenian language

member of the Thraco-Phrygian subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Indo-European ). There is evidence that in ancient times a

Open Assamese language
Assamese language

12,000,000 SPEAKERS India Assamese is the easternmost of the INDO-ARYAN LANGUAGES of India. It is spoken in the Indian state of Assam, in the middle

Open Australian languages
Australian languages

aboriginal languages spoken on the continent of Australia. The Australian languages do not appear to be related to any other linguistic family. The