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Open Accents and accentuation
Accents and accentuation

in speech, emphasis given a particular sound, called prosodic systems in linguistics. There are three basic accentual methods: stress, tone, and

Open Atlas (Greek mythology)
Atlas (Greek mythology)

One of the TITANS , the son of IAPETUS and an Oceanid, Clymene or Asia; father by the Oceanid Pleione of the PLEIADES and the goddess-nymph CALYPSO ,

Open Classical Languages
Classical Languages

System of conventional spoken or written symbols used by people in a shared culture to communicate with each other. A language both reflects and

Open Cree

Member of an American Indian people who inhabited the subarctic regions of Canada (northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories to Québec). They are

Open Ethiopic

( ēthēŏp'ĭk ), extinct language of Ethiopia belonging to the North Ethiopic group of the South Semitic (or Ethiopic) languages, which, in turn, belong


Introduction, origins, history of the study The Etruscans played a key role, not just in central Italy, but across much of the Mediterranean. Even now

Open Hellensim

Hellenism, the ideas of Greek culture and society brought to non-Greeks after Alexander the Great, made inroads into Rome during the third century bce

Open Kannada language
Kannada language

27,000,000 SPEAKERS India Kannada (Canarese, to give its older English name) belongs to the DRAVIDIAN LANGUAGES of southern India. It is the state

Open Language

Human communication through speech, writing, or both. Different nationalities or ethnic groups typically have different languages or variations on

Open Malayalam language
Malayalam language

22,000,000 SPEAKERS India Malayalam is one of the DRAVIDIAN LANGUAGES of India, the state language of the mountainous south-western coastal state of