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Open Abbey Theatre
Abbey Theatre

Playhouse in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, associated with the literary revival of the early 1900s, that was part of a general cultural Irish revival .

Open Agricola, Georg, 1494-1555
Agricola, Georg, 1494-1555

Place : Germany Subject : biography, earth science German mineralogist who pioneered mining technology. Born in Glauchau in Saxony, Agricola trained


( ălbĭjĕn'sēz ) [Lat.,=people of Albi, one of their centers], religious sect of S France in the Middle Ages. Officially known as heretics, they were

Alexius I Comnenus, Emperor of the East, 1048-1118

(Alexius Comnenus)( Әlĕk'sēӘs, kӘmnē'nӘs ), 1048–1118, Byzantine emperor (1081–1118). Under the successors of his uncle, Isaac I , the empire had

Open Alhambra (Granada, Spain)
Alhambra (Granada, Spain)

[Arab.,=the red], extensive group of buildings on a hill overlooking Granada, Spain. They were built chiefly between 1230 and 1354 and they formed a

Open Anabaptists

The expression “Anabaptists” originated in the 16th century as a derogatory term identifying “rebaptizers” who invalidated the rite of infant baptism.

Open Ancien régime
Ancien régime

Ancien régime literally means the prior or former regime, but the most common English rendering is “old regime” or simply ancien régime. Over time,

Open Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875

1805–75, Danish poet, novelist, and writer of fairy tales. Born to an illiterate washerwoman and reared in poverty, he left Odense at 14 for

Anglo-Dutch Wars

series of conflicts between the English and Dutch during the mid to late 17th cent. The wars had their roots in the Anglo-Dutch commercial rivalry,

Antrim (Northern Ireland : County)

Historic county of Northern Ireland, occupying the northeastern corner of Northern Ireland, with a coastal eastern boundary; area 2,830 sq km/1,092 sq