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Open Abdomen

In vertebrates, the part of the body below the thorax , containing the digestive organs; in insects and other arthropods, it is the hind part of the

Open Abortion

Worldwide, some 46 million women have abortions every year. Of these abortions, only slightly more than half are legal, that is, take place under

Open Acne

Skin eruption, mainly occurring among adolescents and young adults, caused by inflammation of the sebaceous glands , which secrete an oily substance

Open Acupuncture

( ăk'yʊpŭng´´chӘr ), technique of traditional Chinese medicine, in which a number of very fine metal needles are inserted into the skin at specially

Open Addiction

Addiction is a complex disorder whose principal diagnostic feature is a repeated compulsion to take a certain substance or indulge in a certain

Open Adler, Alfred, 1870-1937
Adler, Alfred, 1870-1937

Alfred Adler founded the school of Individual Psychology, a theory of personality and psychopathology, as well as a method of psychotherapy. Based on

Open Adrenal glands
Adrenal glands

Triangular endocrine gland situated on top of the kidney . (The name derives from the Latin word for kidney – ad-renal and supra-renal meaning next to

Advance directives (Medical care)

The medical profession in the United States has experienced a shift in ethics and values over the past 3 decades, from a position of paternalism to an

Agassiz, Louis, 1807-1873

Swiss-born US palaeontologist and geologist who developed the idea of the ice age. He established his name through his work on the classification of

Open Aging

Aging refers to the process of getting older. People age at different rates and in different ways, influenced by cultural, social, biological, and