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Open Anatomy

( Әnăt'Әmē ), branch of biology concerned with the study of body structure of various organisms, including humans. Comparative anatomy is concerned


A technique to produce a germ-free environment to protect patients from infection. It is used for any procedure that might introduce infection into

Open Cleft lip and palate
Cleft lip and palate

Cleft lip and cleft palate are congenital deformities that occur in the womb. Cleft lip is an abnormal fissure during development that fails to close


In the early twentieth century a visit to the dentist was usually for a toothache, cured by extraction or replacement of missing teeth that had

Open Hygiene

The development of hygiene and hygienic practices has been fundamental in preventing infections through cleanliness, and has also been very important

Iatrogenic diseases

Iatrogenic disease commonly refers to a physician-induced disease and more generally to a disease state caused by the commission of acts by the

Open Mouth

entrance to the digestive and respiratory tracts. The mouth, or oral cavity, is ordinarily a simple opening in lower animals; in vertebrates it is a

Open Oral cancer
Oral cancer

Lesion on tongue, lip, and other areas in the mouth Oral cancer is cancer of the mouth. It is a common form of head and neck cancer.

Pain management

More than one-third of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Their medical care, lost work, and disability benefits cost about $100 billion annually.

Plastic surgery

surgical repair of congenital or acquired deformities and the restoration of contour to improve the appearance and function of tissue defects.