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Open Anthropology

Anthropology is an outgrowth of the sixteenth-, seventeenth-, and eighteenth-century European discoveries of the remains of ancient civilizations and


Apothecaries were the druggists or pharmacists of the later medieval and early modern world. The name is derived from Greek apotheke , a storehouse.

Open Arbitration

Submission of a dispute to a third, unbiased party for settlement. It may be personal litigation (legal action), a trade-union issue, or an

Open Archaeology

( ärkēŏl'Әjē ) [Gr.,=study of beginnings], a branch of anthropology that seeks to document and explain continuity and change and similarities and

Open Architecture

the art of building in which human requirements and construction materials are related so as to furnish practical use as well as an aesthetic

Open Armies

Body of men organized to fight on land. Armies are probably as old as urban civilisation, and the first written evidence of an army comes from third

Open Astronauts

crew member on a U.S. manned spaceflight mission; the Soviet term is cosmonaut. Candidates for manned spaceflight are carefully screened to meet the

Open Athletes

The ancient world has left illuminating, albeit incomplete, records of its athletes. Inscriptions, monuments, and texts document who participated and


Competitive track and field events consisting of running, throwing, and jumping disciplines. Running events range from sprint races (100 metres) and

Open Automobile industry and trade
Automobile industry and trade

the business of producing and selling self-powered vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, farm equipment, and other commercial vehicles. By