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Open Abbott, Edith, 1876-1957
Abbott, Edith, 1876-1957

Edith Abbott (1876-1957) was born in Grand Island, Nebraska. She was one of the first women in America to earn a doctoral degree. In 1924, she became


Person responsible for drawing up accounts , usually for a business organization. Accountants have traditionally concentrated on recording what has

Open Accounting

Keeping records of business transactions, including summaries of assets and liabilities. The first examples of writing, and hence the first historical

Accounts payable

The rate at which a company pays off its suppliers. The accounts payable turnover ratio is a short-term liquidity measure that quantifies how well a

Accounts receivable turnover

One of several measures used to assess operating performance, accounts receivable turnover also helps in appraising a company’s credit policy and its

Activity-based costing

calculating business’s cost from cost of activities a method of calculating the cost of a business by focusing on the actual cost of activities,

Adrian Cadbury

English business executive and fourth generation member of the Cadbury family's confectionery company. Cadbury became a director of Cadbury Brothers

Open Advertising

The rising significance of consumption (or consumer culture) in contemporary societies is often associated with the impact of advertising —the

Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service (Great Britain)

In the UK, government-funded independent body for the improvement of industrial relations through its advisory, conciliation, and arbitration


or airfield, place for landing and departure of aircraft, usually with facilities for housing and maintaining planes and for receiving and discharging