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Adriatic Sea

Large arm of the Mediterranean Sea, lying northwest to southeast between the Italian and the Balkan peninsulas. The western shore is Italian; the

Open Algae

( ăl'jē ) [plural of Lat. alga =seaweed], a large and diverse group of primarily aquatic plantlike organisms. These organisms were previously

Open Aquamarines

The clear blue of aquamarine attracts jewellery makers and gem collectors alike. Its tone flatters all skin colours and harmonizes with all precious


name for any supervised exhibit of aquatic animals and plants. Aquariums are known to have been constructed in ancient Rome, Egypt, and Asia. Goldfish

Open Arabian Sea
Arabian Sea

Northwestern branch of the Indian Ocean , covering 3,859,000 sq km/1,489,970 sq mi, with India to the east, Pakistan and Iran to the north, and the

Open Archipelagoes

The term archipelago is most commonly used to refer to a group or chain of islands, although it can also refer to a sea containing a large number of

Open Arctic Ocean
Arctic Ocean

Ocean surrounding the North Pole; area 14,000,000 sq km/5,405,400 sq mi. Because of the Siberian and North American rivers flowing into it, it has

Arrow worm

abstract Chaetognaths are elongate bilaterally symmetrical marine animals, ranging from 0.2 to 12 cm long. They have a distinct head bearing grasping

Open Atlantic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean

[Lat.,=of Atlas], second largest ocean (c.31,800,000 sq mi/82,362,000 sq km; c.36,000,000 sq mi/93,240,000 sq km with marginal seas). Extent and Seas

Open Atolls

Atolls are a special type of coral reef complex formed in tropical seas by a ring of reef coral enclosing a lagoon. The characteristic features of an